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Welcometo Seifar.


Seifar’s strong focus on quality and innovation will make it a paradigm with respect to the production of private label cleaning products with EU Ecolabel. The combination of a flexible production site and the know how of our experienced R&D department allows us to respond quickly to client’s needs. At Seifar, custom-made products are a given.

Private label cleaning products with EU Ecolabel


Quality as company philosophy

Our clients want their brand name to be associated with the most advanced products in the market and that’s exactly what we ensure happens.

The ecological impact of what we produce is our greatest concern.

Ecology is a basic requirement, not an option


Custom-made is not an empty phrase at Seifar, it’s a daily reality.

Flexibility leads to real customisation


R&D department with a
focus on innovation 

Important principles, such as quality, ecology and innovation, are founded on a strong R&D department.

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