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About Seifar

Seifar’s strong focus on quality and innovation will make it a paradigm with respect to the production of private labels cleaning products with EU Ecolabel. The combination of a flexible production site and the know how of our experienced R&D department allows us to respond quickly to client’s needs. At Seifar, custom-made products are a given.

We are an expert in the production of private label cleaning and disinfection products for the professional market. Our products are used in the following sectors:

  • Public institutions

  • Professional kitchens

  • Retail

  • Food service

  • Hotel and catering establishments



As a private label manufacturer of high-quality and innovative cleaning and disinfection products for the professional market, we want to be a trendsetter with respect to sustainability and ecology. This coupled with excellent client service provided by passionate, capable staff leads to the highest level of client satisfaction and corporate social responsibility.


  • Food industry

  • Cleaning companies

  • Distribution Results & Development

  • Industry



As a trendsetter and innovator, we believe it is our responsibility to do our utmost during product development to bring the highest quality ecological products to market. This is good for both our clients and society in general. It is paramount that people and the environment are respected at all times.

Clear values are essential for our stakeholders. They want to engage in meaningful work and be able to work on a project that they believe in. You will see the following values reflected throughout every corner of our company:


Our enthusiasm to always bring the best product to market ensures that existing products are of the very high quality and that we continuously engage in development with a view to optimisation or innovation.

The constant high quality of products can be assured because both R&D and production occurs in-house.  We can guarantee this because we carry out many internal and external quality inspections. Moreover, products are only accepted that meet the quality standards deemed the strictest in the market. This is crucial for our clients who want their brand name associated with the best and most advanced products on the market.



Innovation E

The extensive know how of our own experienced R&D department ensures that our clients can choose from a very strong and extensive catalogue of standard formulas, and that they are able to work with the client on personalised formulas or innovations. Moreover, thanks to the know how of our R&D department, we can quickly respond to changes in legislation and new trends in the market.

R&D department


Our production site is designed so that there is a high degree of flexibility for the client. And this does not compromise quality, efficiency and delivery times. Close contact with the production managers ensures that our production aligns as much as possible with our clients’ demands. For example, we can easily respond to urgent orders or orders with last minute changes. This ensures that the term customisation is not an empty phrase, but a business philosophy.




When we discuss continuous improvement of our products, we are referring to more than just improving performance and lowering cost price. The ecological impact of what we produce is our greatest concern. We want to do our utmost to make our products as ecological as possible. And, we have laid down a house rule that this cannot influence quality or price.  This is not an empty promise. It is proven by the fact that where it was possible to attain an EU Ecolabel for a product, we did indeed obtain the EU Ecolabel. Why the EU Ecolabel? In our opinion, it is the only non-commercial, independent label known throughout Europe. This means that we also offer our foreign clients a well-known quality mark.


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